The Encircle 360° Speakers System Creates an Immersive Experience

 - Sep 16, 2016
References: yankodesign
Speakers are often a singular unit that works hard to create an immersive sound experience, but the Encircle 360° speakers system looks to literally surround listeners in music. Designed by Cody Moore, the Encircle 360° speakers are conceptually designed to be held in a stack; when music is ready to be played, the user can place the individual speakers around them. This allows music to be experienced in an all-encompassing way by creating multiple auditory points for users to hear the subtle nuances of the tunes from.

The Encircle 360° speakers system features Bluetooth connectivity and helps to enhance perceptions of what a wireless speaker system can look like. It would especially be of excellent use to those in office spaces or in small homes that want to create an immersive sound experience without investing in large equipment.