The 'LAVA' Heater Can be Used as One or Multiple Units

 - Mar 13, 2017
References: yankodesign
The 'LAVA' camping heater is designed with wintertime camping in mind to offer a variety of different heating capabilities without having to feel restricted to heating one area only. This is thanks to the divided design of the 'LAVA' heater that enables it to be split into four individual entities that can heat different areas of a tent or be used as a singular unit.

The 'LAVA' heater is the design work of Yulan JU and features a series of handles that fold upward or downward to ensure they are perfectly within reach when being carried and out of sight when the unit is in use. The 'LAVA' camping heater is compact in design and utilizes induction heating technology to keep campers toasty warm during their entire trip.