A Double-Decker Train Repositions the Tracks at the Core of the Cars

 - Aug 7, 2017
References: coroflot & yankodesign
Commuters are accustomed to seeing trains sitting upon tracks, so it's surprising to consider this unique, double-decker train that integrates its rails along the middle of the carriages. The futuristic design produces two very separate levels of passenger cabins that feel like wholly independent trains –– one out of sight to the other.

Prathyush Devadas's design provides that stations have two levels of platforms as well, assisting with a reduction in crowds and congestion as the double-decker train is boarded and disembarked. What's also interesting about the upper and lower weight distribution of this newfangled transit concept is that the technology would be maglev and balanced as such. Energy consumption would be optimized further with the installation of wind turbines, harnessing energy from the very currents created by the train in motion.