From Supercar-Branded Smartphones to Backcountry Camper Trailers

 - Sep 28, 2017
Cars are more than just a Pixar franchise — the September 2017 auto trends include a wide variety of car-related products and ideas, none of which are related to the film series. In fact, most of the trends here involve actual vehicles in some capacity (as opposed to the cartoonish digital renderings from Pixar).

That said, a few of the September 2017 auto trends are still directed towards kids, just like Pixar's 'Cars'. Though the cars from Cars didn't have visible interiors as far as the audience can tell, the interior of special rental cars from Hertz UK are upholstered with fabric that can be colored on, giving kids a canvas that parents won't mind scribbled.

The Cars cars also don't have human drivers and so they can drive recklessly, but kids learning to drive for the first time in real life can use the 'Safe & Sound' app to temper their speeds. The app monitors the vehicle's speed, and it plays embarrassing music if those young drivers (who, given their age, might very well be Cars fans themselves) exceed the speed limit.