This Carbide Ceramic Coating Can Withstand 3000 Degree Temperatures

 - Jul 31, 2017
References: & springwise
This extremely heat resistant ceramic coating could revolutionize hypersonic flight. Developed by scientific researchers from the University of Manchester in the UK and Central Southern University (CSU) in China, the material can stand up to 3000 degrees Celsius -- the amount of heat that can be generated from travelling at above Mach 5 speeds (five times greater than the speed of sound). The carbide ceramic coating could be used on hypersonic travel aircrafts in an effort to improve their reliability. So far the invention has proven over 12 times better than existing high temperature ceramics in use on hypersonic vehicles and aero-engines.

This is an example of how advancements in technology can significantly improve and replace common manufacturing materials by inventing more efficient alternatives.