The Kode 0 is a Modern Tribute to Supercars from the 1970s

 - Aug 23, 2017
References: kenokuyamadesign & carbuzz
The Kode 0 is a new supercar designed by Ken Okuyama. That name may not sound familiar, but chances are you at least know of the Japanese designers most famous creation: the Ferrari Enzo. The Kode 0 is based not on a Ferrari but a Lamborghini, the Aventador. That car loans its chassis, interior and massive 700-hp V12 engine. Other than that this one-off is all original.

If the Kode 0 looks a bit out of date that's because Okuyama designed it to look like the wedge-shaped supercars popular in the 1970s. This old school design is bound to split opinion but does give the car a look all its own. There's no word on whether or not the Kode 0 will go up for sale, but you have to think several rich collectors would pay quite a lot to get their hands on something so powerful and unique.