The Livall BH51 Smart Helmet Sense When Riders Break or Turn

 - Sep 6, 2017
References: livall & engadget
Cycling in the city is a dangerous endeavor, no matter how built the city's infrastructure is, so the Livall BH51 smart cycling helmet is a welcome addition to any cyclist's stable of gear. The helmet features a notification system that automatically alerts drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists when the rider is set to make a turn or a stop.

The Livall BH51 has an LED strip along the back side of the helmet, and the strip automatically indicates turns or stops. This lets riders keep their hands on the handlebars rather than making turn signals. Further, the BH51 has Bluetooth compatibility, so it can connect riders to their phones without them having to distract themselves by taking the device out of their pockets. With audio and a windproof microphone built in, the helmet offers communication while on the go.