The 'sCarabane' Caravan Camper Harnesses Natural Energy for Power

 - Aug 29, 2017
References: scarabane & newatlas
The 'sCarabane' caravan camper has been designed as a tiny off-grid dwelling that has been engineered to be a versatile piece of equipment for making a rural location livable. The 'sCarabane' transforms from a trailer to a living space in just 30 minutes with only one person required to get the job done.

The 'sCarabane' caravan camper addresses the growing number of consumers who are looking for different kinds of vacations that are more on the eco-friendly side and that allow for exploration at their leisure. The vehicle also works to rotate a full 360-degree when set up to optimize sun exposure, harness energy via the solar panels and also keep the wind turbines in the correct position for maximum operation.