Yi-Fei Chen's 'Excuse Me Stool' Helps a User Escape an Awkward Situation

 - Nov 3, 2017
References: chenyifeidesign & dezeen
To express her own struggle with social anxiety, Taiwanese designer Yi-Fei Chen created the 'Excuse Me Stool,' which boasts an unusual form and purpose.

When one sits on the stool, its cushioned component begins to slowly inflate. Over a period of time, if a person continues to sit on the stool for too long, it will explode. To prevent this from happening, a user must pour water into a glass tube integrated into the design, which will cause a valve to release air and the built-up pressure. As such, the piece of furniture itself gives the user a means to comfortably remove themselves from a social situation to fetch water every so often.

Chen says that "if you need private time at a party, people will think that your mum is sick or that your dog has died," as it is typically considered impolite to excuse oneself from a social situation in Taiwan.