The 'Ototone' Pillow Lets You Rest and Recuperate at Your Desk

 - Jul 26, 2017
References: ryosukefukusada &
The average person is often bombarded with stressful situations from every angle on a daily basis, so the 'Ototone' Pillow is designed to help individuals recuperate by letting them isolate themselves wherever they are. Ideal for the office or for use when traveling, the pillow incorporates a horseshoe-shaped design that wraps around your neck to provide support or around the top part of your head to cover your eyes. This lets you get some R&R wherever you are without having to take time away from your workstation or the terminal.

The 'Ototone' Pillow is the design work of Ryosuke Fukusada for Timbre and also incorporates a storage sport for your headphones in order to let you listen to your favorite tranquil music while you take five minutes for yourself.