Gobie Brands Itself as a "Social Wellness Wearable"

 - Apr 28, 2017
References: gccatapult.panasonic & psfk
There are numerous wearable devices that are designed for keeping tabs on one's emotional and physical health, but 'Göbie' sets itself apart as a "social wellness wearable."

The app-connected Göbie is meant to be worn as a wristband, which offers feedback, gesture recognition and visual cues to encourage playful, spontaneous interactions with others who are equipped with the same system. For instance, Göbie identifies "pop-up play opportunities" that can be carried out nonverbally or through gestures. As a whole, the wellness wearable is designed to encourage more face-to-face interactions between people and less alone time staring at a screen.

Since the levels of interaction that people enjoy differ, the wearable makes it possible to customize the encouragements made based on their own introversion or extroversion.