SaunaBar's SaunaPods Use Infrared Light and Jade to Provide Benefits

 - Jan 18, 2017
References: saunabar & organicauthority
SaunaBar, a Los Angeles health and wellness spa, offers infrared therapy in the form of its SaunaPods. These full-body, jade-coated light pods use both near and far infrared light therapy for a host of purposes, helping those who undergo the process to feel better in both mind and body.

The SaunaPods offer similar benefits to traditional saunas in many ways. The pods burn calories, detoxify, improve blood circulation, relieve sore muscles and joints, and contribute to stress relief and relaxation, just like traditional saunas. The added improvement is that, while traditional saunas heat up the air, the SaunaPods' infrared light heats up one's body directly, which prevents dry skin after treatment. The pods also enclose everything but the head, allowing users to breath cool air while they're treated.