WG Brewing's Boozy New Soft Drinks Provide an Alternative to Beer

 - Jul 8, 2016
References: wgbrewing & preparedfoods
Building on the success of its Wild Root Alcoholic Root Beer and Wild Ginger Alcoholic Beer, WG Brewing has added two new alcoholic sodas to its product lineup. By combining the sugary-sweet taste of soda with the same alcohol content of the average cooler, the hard sodas give customers a tasty alternative to beer.

The new alcoholic sodas developed by WG Brewing include the Wild Docta' and Wild Sit Russ. The former is made with rye and soda while the latter is a boozy citrus drink. Both drinks tap into the nostalgic soda flavors many people enjoyed as kids, but with a boozy adult twist. Such drinks have become extremely popular among consumers who are looking for a less intimidating way to start exploring different types of beer. As WG Brewing Founder Jamey Grosser explains, "Hard soda or soda beers are hot right now because they are the ultimate white board when it comes to exploring the flavor potential of beer."