OVI Hydration Drinks are Packed with Minerals and Tea Antioxidants

 - Mar 9, 2016
References: frucor.au & ovihydration.au
Tea is a great source of antioxidants, but the beverage isn't exactly suited towards busy lifestyles; the OVI Hydration drink looks to change this perception. A cold tea that's packed with fruit juice, green tea antioxidants and honey, the drinks come in peach, berry and citrus flavor options.

With the slogan "Hello Tasty. Bye by badditives." OVI Hydration drinks are focused on providing health-conscious consumers a packaged beverage with benefits. While traditional sodas and energy drinks have been slammed by criticisms over sugar and chemical content, these beverages take a more holistic, natural approach.

The hydrating beverages comes in individual serve bottles at 500ml each, which means they can be brought almost anywhere to maximize hydration levels.