DuploClean's Glass Bottles Appeal to Those Who Love Tidy Aesthetics

 - Mar 29, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
Most detergent bottle designs are heavy, chunky and plastic, but DuploClean packages its liquid detergent in an entirely different way.

Rather than packaging its product in inexpensive plastic containers, DuploClean uses minimalist glass bottles. To elevate the minimalist product even further, the shape of the bottles and the product coloring is meant to reflect the inspiration taken from chemistry. To top off the bottles, a simple cork is used to keep the product from spilling when not in use.

This elegant Nordic design is in line with a number of other design-centric products and packaging designs that are appealing to those who take extra care to avoid purchasing plastic. Lasting materials like cork and glass have the potential to be reused for other purposes, which is of value to conscious consumers.