From Sensual Perfume Packaging to Patriotic Beer Rebrandings

 - Jul 1, 2016
Burger King-branded spas, edible chicken-flavored nail polish from KFC and Budweiser renaming itself 'America' are just a few of the most interesting and unexpected June 2016 branding ideas that are emerging as of late.

In line with the upcoming summer season, many companies are adopting bright, playful and bold color schemes and names in order to entice consumers to try something new. A few of the best examples of this are the reformatted Caribou Coolers and vibrant juice bottles from Firefly that are emblazoned with charmingly candid black and white selfie photos.

One of the biggest branding stories from the past month comes from Instagram, which traded in its retro-inspired camera icon in favor of a more colorful design that's more reflective of the creative community that uses the app.