'Whiskey Thief' is a Distilled Alcoholic Beverage for Young Drinkers

 - May 3, 2016
References: barmagazine
There's typically a sophistication to whiskey drinks that deters younger demographics who are of legal drinking age from seeing this distilled beverage as a go-to option. In order to defy convention, 'Whiskey Thief' was developed.

Just from looking at the bottle, consumers will notice something more youthful about the spirit of the packaging—Whiskey Thief uses only bold graphics, typography and colors.

The whiskey drink itself is made from a combination of two distillates. The MGP Distillery describes: "Once filled into new, charred American oak barrels we then inserted especially developed oak inserts to accentuate core flavours while also tempering the alcohol bite." For the first batch of Whiskey Thief, 80 barrels were made and bottled at 40% ABV.

Whiskey Thief is bring promoted at music venues, specialty bars and to further its reach to young drinkers, it is also being supported by plenty of social media marketing.