The Milk Nature Concept by Roman Belichenko Embraces a Fresh Look

 - May 17, 2016
References: romanbelichenko & packagingoftheworld
The name of the Milk Nature brand has inspired this packaging design concept. It embraces both the "milk" and "nature" aspect by covering the carton in a realistic cow hide image. So realistic, in fact, that people might expect it to be soft to the touch as well -- or at least textured. Thankfully, it's not or that would be a little too natural.

Conceived by Roman Belichenko, a designer based in Russia, the Milk Nature packaging concept nevertheless conveys what it is meant to. By evoking the thought of where milk comes from, people will immediately walk away believing this brand is more natural than its competitors. Not to mention that the aesthetic does have a bit of a stylish edge since it forgoes typical illustrations.