These Patterned Chocolate Wrappers are Vibrantly Hued

 - May 4, 2016
Graphic designer Hee Jae Kim is the creative force behind Chocho's patterned chocolate branding. This brand identity is inspired by vivid textiles and is displayed in a palette of vibrant hues. Each snack package is adorned with a signature pattern -- ranging from layered pepper motifs to collaged orange icons that reference Chocho's unique ingredient pairings.

Each of these patterned chocolate wrappers represents a different artisanal flavor and will appeal to art and design fans with a serious sweet tooth. Designer Hee Jae Kim recreates textile-like prints on each of Chocho's packages and accents each finished product with the brand's insignia. This block lettered logo is paired with different fruit illustrations, used again to identify varying chocolate flavor profiles. In addition to pepper, orange and strawberry dark chocolate flavors, the brand also carries favorites like blueberry and classic walnut.