McDonald's Australia is Now Offering Tasmanian Brie and Grilled Haloumi

In an effort to cater to consumers with more discerning palates, McDonald's Australia is now offering Tasmanian Brie and Grilled Haloumi. While the chain has experimented with gourmet toppings in the past, this new promotion will specifically appeal to cheese lovers.

The cheesy new promotion is part of the chain's Create Your Taste initiative, which gives customers the freedom to build their own custom burger. As a result, customers can now enjoy Tasmanian Brie or Grilled Haloumi on top of their favorite McDonald's burger. In fact, the Haloumi is even available as an alternative to a chicken or beef patty for those looking for the ultimate cheese sandwich.

The new promotion demonstrates the growing demand for more opportunities for personalization when it comes to fast food dishes.