The OTMA Food Dressing Packages Bring Ingredients to Life

Brand mascots have been a surefire way to start a relationship with consumers from the get go, and the latest packaging of OTMA food dressing look to do this.

The design agency behind the packaging -- LION Brand & Story -- decided to emphasize the main ingredient of each sauce to expand on the notion of freshness and taste. This was done by anthropomorphizing veggies, cheeses and fruits to help catch eyes in the grocery aisle in a fun, interactive way.

The OTMA food dressing packaging doesn't go so far as to create an entirely cartoon-oriented design that's too childlike, but rather straddles the line between being playful yet mature. According to market research done by LION Brand & Story, the approach appears to have been a success with consumers picking the OTMA brand over others in the dressing aisle.