The Fratelli Spirini Cheese Dairy Packaging Features Cow Faces

Designed by the Gordost design agency, the Fratelli Spirini cheese dairy packaging looks to appeal to consumers in the grocery store via conveying the origin of the products: cows. Each of the packaging designs features the face of a cow in a rather cute, hand-sketched way to correlate the cow to the product.

Dairy packaging often features splashes of milk, sumptuous text and flowing aesthetics. The Fratelli Spirini cheese dairy packaging takes a different approach by showing consumers just where the product originates as well as the inherent freshness. The products from Fratelli Spirini are created by the brand and sent directly to grocers to eliminate the middleman and thus offer the freshest product possible.

The Fratelli Spirini dairy packaging consists of designs for the various offerings from the brand including mozzarella and burrata, and the various options therein.