RPC Bebo Plastic's Multilayer Cup Protects Greek Iced Frothy Coffee

 - Apr 28, 2016
References: rpc-bebo & eppm
A Greek frappé coffee is known for being a tasty foam-covered iced drink. While it can be ordered from a restaurant or easily prepared at home with a base of instant coffee, RPC Bebo Plastic developed the 'Frappé Chill' cup for Café Coffee Day in order to help people enjoy the refreshing Greek coffee drink on the go.

The thermoformed cup is made with multilayer polypropylene and an additional layer that prevents oxygen from entering the cup. The design also includes a built-in telescopic straw that can be expanded as needed to enjoy this foamy frappé drink on the go. In order to prepare the drink, heated contents are added to the cup, so that the flavors have the chance to blend smoothly before it can be enjoyed chilled.