Garden Chips' Functional Packaging Allows For Versatile Shelving

 - May 12, 2016
References: prweb
When it comes to snack food products, functional packaging isn't just about compactness and the ability to access the packaged product with minimum hassle -- it's also about enhancing portability and different methods of storing.

This is why the new packaging for Truly Good Foods' Garden Chips snacks is designed in a shape that makes it possible to store the chips packets sideways on shelves or even hang it on racks -- something that will appeal to retailers as well as consumers who like to get creative in the pantry and kitchen storage units. Additionally, this functional packaging also includes necessary basics such as a tamper-proof seal.

The ease of storage and the freshness guarantee offered by the tamperproof seal marks out Garden Chips' packaging as being exceptionally thoughtful and versatile.