The Sixpoint Puff Conveys the Hoppy Beer Through the Use of Clouds

 - May 25, 2016
References: sixpoint & uncrate
A cloudy, hoppy beer like Sixpoint Puff deserves a branding effort that translates this unfiltered nature to the consumer, which has been achieved with this cloud-focused packaging. A hazy aesthetic is made apparent on the cans and box of the Sixpoint Puff beer to help correlate the product to the look of a cloudy day. This enhances the sense of whimsy associated with the hoppy beer and makes it a more playful option on the store shelf.

Regarding the beer itself, Sixpoint Puff is unfiltered, features an ABV of 9.8% and features an extra dose of dry hops. This blend was devised just for the Puff variety and helps the brand remain separate from other beers on the market.