This McDonald's Initiative Aims to Connect Consumers with the Company's Suppliers

 - May 14, 2016
References: theguardian
The latest McDonald's initiative is a series of virtual tours designed to help consumers connect with the company's agricultural suppliers and understand the realities of modern-day farming.

Already underway, the new McDonald's initiative involves inviting consumers to don a VR headset that will transport them to a virtual version of an actual supplier farm. The experience allows consumers to tour the grounds, test-drive a tractor and even harvest potatoes to make McDonald's famous fries. The experience is designed to give consumers a behind-the-scenes looks at the suppliers who source the eggs, milk and beef used across the company's UK restaurants. The event will be touring across the country in the hopes of reaching as many as one million people over the next year.

With a growing number of consumers demanding greater brand transparency, the VR farming experience gives McDonald's customers a simple way of understanding the modern agricultural supply chain.