The 'Citrus Life GIF' from Somersby Recreates the Actions of an Animated GIF

 - May 3, 2016
References: & adweek
As part of its summer promotions for its cider products, Somersby found a unique way to shared an animated GIF with the world.

For a full 24 hours, Somersby Cider launched a 'Live-Action GIF' starring Lord Somersby performing a repetition of animated movements over a livestream. In order to view the live GIF, fans could tune into the website in order to see the GIF-like movements happen before their eyes. A typical motion from Lord Somersby included taking a sip from the drink, while he was given breaks to chat directly with viewers from time to time.

Following this Live-Action GIF stunt, Somersby Cider will be launching the same format with a new guest, as based on viewer votes. Candidates include penguins, yetis and select Portuguese celebrities.