The 'Caffè Propaganda' Design Honors the Elegance of Parisian Eateries

The 'Caffè Propaganda' designed by 'Dacomo e Leonardi Architetti Associati' is an authentic Parisian eatery. The cafe focuses on creating an authentic appearance, which is a nod to the ancient building where it resides.

The elegant cafe features high-quality gastronomy and is located near the Colosseum, featuring a scenic view of Via Claudia. The interior of Caffè Propaganda measures 280 square feet and contains extended ceilings.

The overall interior design features antique furniture pieces and retro tiling on the floors. One of the main features of the cafe is a decorative wall with a sunken oval alcove. The alcove holds unique pieces of pottery, while the surrounding wall space is filled with old rustic serving trays. This cafe is a true tribute to the rich culinary history of Paris.