The aquabook is Chicly Designed to Look Like a Book for Easy Portability

 - Oct 18, 2015
References: & thegadgetflow
Carrying around a traditional water bottle can be relatively cumbersome, what with the large design aesthetic they have, but the aquabook is innovatively designed to be about the size of a small novel for maximum portability. Coming in a variety of different colors, the aquabook is made in Germany and solves the problem that many other water bottles have: they just aren't made to be stored easily. The aquabook, however, can easily be slipped into a bag or knapsack for bringing your own H2O anywhere you go.

Able to be customized with a picture or image of your choosing, the aquabook is currently funding on Kickstarter, where the brand is about a quarter of the way to being funded at the time of writing.