This List Shares What Each Pokemon Would Taste Like and How to Cook Them

 - Jul 28, 2016
References: thekitchn
With the revival of the Pokemon fandom that has come with the release of the augmented reality game Pokemon Go, food blog The Kitchn has put together a list of several of the more popular characters on the game, how they would taste if eaten and how to cook them. The instructions are embedded with humor, providing a new way to look at the Pokemon as food rather than creatures to train.

The list shares 74 different types of Pokemon followed by a description on how the creatures would taste if cooked. The instructions focus on the type of Pokemon, and establishes its relation to a similar real animal to divulge how the creature might be cooked. For example, the character of Squirtle is a turtle and so the instructions state to "cook in a stew."