Two New Whiskey Spirits Have Been Created for 'Godzilla Resurgence'

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: & japantrends
In order to mark the release of the newest Godzilla film to hail from Japan, liquor store Shinanoya released two new scotch whiskey spirits inspired by the country's iconic movie monster.

'Shin Godzilla' (New Godzilla) is a six-year single-malt Talisker whisky, while 'Godzilla' are is an older 24-year-age blended malt beverage.

The release of the Hollywood version of Godzilla in 2014 inspired a renewed interest in the classic film franchise across the globe. What makes Godzilla Resurgence particularly significant is that it is the first Godzilla film that's been produced in Japan since 2004. As such, this has created a huge demand for Godzilla merchandise, which now includes everything from food and drinks to cosmetics and fashion.