From Elderly Ridesharing Initiatives to Motocross Bike Hybrids

 - Sep 25, 2016
Buses that relay real-time traffic information, female-only biking clubs and senior-focused ridesharing services are just a few of the concepts that are covered in the top September 2016 commuting ideas.

One of the most prevalent themes across these emerging ideas in commuting is the coming together of products and companies in order to offer enhanced functionality and benefits to consumers. For instance, this include a partnership that was launched between Lyft and Starbucks to support the coffee chain's existing loyalty program.

There are several services, products and promotions that are now being created to target a growing number of public transportation users. For instance, the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District launched an app that uses crowdsourcing as a means of ensuring safety and Currys PC World teamed up with Dyson to create a cooling fan installation to keep commuters feeling comfortable on hot summer days.