Cine Carretera Popped Up in a Vacant Lot in San Diego to Screen Films

 - Jan 10, 2017
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Cine Carretera was a film screening event that took place in San Diego's City Heights neighborhood and showed several Latino films. What made Cine Carretera special and distinct from any other Latino arts event was that the pop-up took place on a vacant lot, turning economically and aesthetically unappealing space into a cultural cinema and community gathering place.

Cine Carretera translates to highway theater, and such a name is appropriate. At the conrner of El Cajon Boulevard and Central Avenue in City Heights, the lot was previously something that people would drive by without a second thought.

The Hispanic cultural event featured three films screened over three weeks. 'Un Gallo Con Mucho Huevos' was the first film, an animated family feature about a rooster. The second, 'Cesar Chavez,' is a biopic about the famed labor organizer, and the third, called 'Ladrones,' is an action comedy starring Fernando Colunga and Eduardo Yanez.