These Museum Instagrams Show Off Paris' Art Collections Creatively

Paris’ municipal museums are looking to increase their foot traffic by asking famous social media figures to promote its collections through a series of museum Instagrams.

To do so, the museums asked a total of 10 carefully chosen social media gurus to reinterpret famous works of arts for themselves. The majority of the results are comical, however all work to appeal to a Millennial audience and encourage the young generation to take the time to check out their local museums. Paris’ municipal museums hope that others in the museum Instagrams as well, asking them to post their own pictures along with the hashtag '#ParallelesParisMusées.'

In addition to the reinterpretations being posted online, enlarged versions of the images were displayed in the Gare Saint Lazare rail station. With this campaign, the museums aim to bring awareness to the its collections of impressive artwork and get more millennials interested in visiting.