This Savory Layered Cake Presents Mexican Flavor in a Unconventional Format

 - Feb 2, 2016
References: smittenkitchen & smittenkitchen
Lifestyle blog Smitten Kitchen recently put together a savory layered cake dish that creatively uses Mexican flavors and ingredients to transform the popular meal of tacos into a new eating experience with a redesign in presentation. The tacos are served as a stacked dish that is eaten in slices, rather than in shells.

The Taco Torte offers similar flavors to traditional tacos, but prearranges the meal so that consumers don't have to spend time garnishing. The dish is made using tortillas layered with beans, cheese, tomatoes and vegetables several times. The entire dish is then baked, as the cheese acts as the binder between the layers. Upon serving the Taco Torte is cut into slices and eaten with a fork and knife rather than by hand.