The Branding for Parra Chocolate Features Bold Rainbow Hues

 - Feb 18, 2016
Parra Chocolate is an Israeli confectionery brand boasting vibrant kaleidoscopic candy bar packaging that is sure to stand out on store shelves. The dynamic designs were created for the popular brand by Shake Design, who opted for a rainbow-inspired assortment of packaging that also includes the brand's signature red emblem.

As "parra" translate to "cow," the print campaign features high resolution images of the colorfully patterned candy bar wrappers folded Origami-style into cows. The colorful campaign is aptly titled 'Origamoo,' and customers can also participate by folding their own wrappers after use. In order to create the dynamic patterns featured on the candy bar packaging designs, the team behind the designs used the HP SmartStream Mosaic software.