Rolph & Rolph's Gluten-Free 'Little Cups' Come in Biodegradable Containers

These 'Gluten-Free Little Cups' from Rolph & Rolph are traditional treats that are packaged and presented in an all-new way. The small-scale desserts come in individual cups that make it easy to indulge in just a small amount of treats like Chocolate Brownie and Banoffee and Moelleux Pear Chocolate. These desserts can be made in a regular oven and come in plant-based containers that are completely biodegradable. In addition to being free from gluten, these bite-sized desserts are also prepared without preservatives and palm oil.

The Gluten-Free Little Cups are in line with a number of growing consumer interests, namely sustainable packaging, single-serving portions, calorie control, permissible indulgence and gluten-free alternatives.

These inventive Rolph & Rolph products are available in both foodservice and retail packaging types.