These Mediterranean-Inspired Pitas are Infused with Superfoods

Carbs are often the centerpiece of breakfasts in the Middle East, but Canada's Ozery Bakery has found a way to make pitas a breakfast staple in the North American market. The bakery's 'Morning Rounds' are styled as breakfast pitas that are infused with Muesli or fruit pieces. Playing off of the current consumer obsession with superfoods, the Morning Rounds range even includes Date & Chia and Multi Grain options.

Rather than being topped or stuffed with a savory filling, these breakfast pitas provide a great base for jams or other sweet spreads that would ordinarily be used at breakfast time.

Because the breakfast pitas are natural, they are designed to be kept in the freezer before serving. For this purpose, the Morning Rounds bags are designed with a resealable zippers.