These Breaded Pork Patties are Shaped Like the Pikachu Pokemon

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: & technabob
Korea is famed for its popular meat snacks, and these breaded pork patties that are designed to look like the famed yellow anime monster Pikachu offer an edible spin on the fandom of the game franchise. The treats are made from thin ground pork that is deep fried and served on a stick with dip.

The pork cutlets offer fans a chance to consume the popular video game character as a fried meat snack. The pork patty is cut and arranged to look like the monster with a rounded belly, pointed ears, tiny hands and little feat. The dish is typically breaded, deep fried and dipped in Ketchup.

Consumers interested can order the fresh patties online or purchase them fried at food stalls across the country.