'DADI' Works to Help Better Personalize Content and More

 - Nov 5, 2016
References: beta.dadi.tech & betalist
Aiming to help close the gap between content management, CRM and data management platforms, 'DADI' is an eCommerce service support that uses machine learning to better optimize the way your brand is perceived.

With so much data and information coming from all angles these days, focusing in on a unified plan or strategy can be extremely difficult. 'DADI' works to help enable real-time, personalized experiences for customers that's drive by machine learning to help offer customized content and more.

'DADI' works as a versatile eCommerce service to help brands never miss a chance to help build or grow a relationship with a user. It's tailored to help offer quick, effective solutions that can help to grow sales and more to help offer hyper-personalized experiences that are truly exceptional.