The Electric Coral Reef Station by Margot Krasojevic Buffers Waves

 - Jan 15, 2014
The marine ecosystem is one of the most unexplored wonders of the world, however, a new scientific contraption and project entitled ‘Electric Coral Reef Station’ is bound to revolutionize future coral reef conservation. The ‘Electric Coral Reef station is a recent design project by architect Margot Krasojevic. The brilliantly designed station has an incredibly useful and vital purpose for coral reef conservation.

The Electric Coral Reef Station floats between areas that require coral reefs to dissipate storms near coastlines. The station device serves as a buffer to oncoming waves, slowing them down in the process. Floating solar cells power an electric circuit, which then stimulates limestone and coral growth onto the Meta-cages, which are dropped into the ocean to stimulate coral growth

Coral Reefs protect marine life, provide medicine and keep balance within marine coastlines. The Electrical Coral Reef Station is a necessary investment and genius invention.