Nanorobots Could Be Able to Isolate and Destroy Cancerous Cells

 - Aug 29, 2014
References: nature & gizmodo
Thanks to research from the Davis Cancer Center at the University of California, doctors are working on developing miniature nanorobots that will be able to identify, hunt down and destroy cancerous tumors inside the human body.

The nanorobots can be injected with special tumor-recognition modules; once they identify and isolate affected cells, they can inject drugs directly into them while not harming surrounding healthy cells and tissues. The nanorobots can also infiltrate tumors and activate signals to help doctors better diagnose the tumors.

The use of nanobots to identify and destroy malignant tumors represents a massive improvement over regular chemotherapy treatments, which don't isolate specific cells but instead blast a whole amount of them, resulting in considerable harm and troublesome side-effects.