Plow Your Way Through Winter with This Durable Snowbot

 - Mar 2, 2014
References: uberreview & hiconsumption
Some people genuinely enjoy shoveling, but for those who don't, the remote control snow plow will save you time and back pain, so you can enjoy a snow-free walkway all with the single push of a button.

SuperDroid Robot created a 6-wheel remote controlled snow plow that is powered by six 24-volt 127 RPM electric motors and that weighs about 400 pounds, making this the ultimate snowbot. This bot can easily clear 21 inches of snow all while using a nifty little joystick.

This bad boy costs just under $8,000 and will make you the coolest neighbor on the block. You can sit inside with your feet up and control it while it zooms around the block plowing away. Now everyone will 'snow' who's boss.