Abigaille the Robot Has Sticky Pads on Its Feet Like a Reptile

 - Jan 5, 2014
References: rt & gizmodo
Abigaille is the name of a robot developed by The European Space Agency and Canada’s Simon Fraser University, a sticky-footed bot that will be used to repair spaceships.

The design of the surface-scaling Abigaille is biomimicry-based, meaning the robot is modeled after a creature found in nature. In this case, the six-footed bot was designed after a gecko and it has many microscopic pads on it feet that allow it to walk and stick to surfaces without any adhesives.

As well, Abigaille has quite the range of motions, including being able to make the transition from horizontal to vertical surfaces with ease. This means that the robot will be able to access parts that wheeled robots cannot go and has huge implications for how spaceship tune-ups could be conducted in the future.