The BeetleCam Project by William Burrard-Lucas is Reliant on Technology

 - Mar 31, 2014
References: burrard-lucas & fastcoexist
The BeetleCam Project by William Burrard-Lucas, a professional wildlife photographer from the United Kingdom, uses robotic cameras to capture stunning closeups of a pride of lions from its gloriously maned leader to its protective females and adorable cubs. Although not necessarily dangerous unless provoked, the foreign nature of a photographer could easily trigger a defensive response from such animals, hence the use of robots.

After experimenting on a 2009 trip in Tanzania photographing elephants and buffalo, the BeetleCam Project by William Burrard-Lucas was officially born two years later. Since then, the British photographer has released his striking images, giving his fans a glimpse into the lives of African lions in a way that is not often documented. Earlier in March he announced the latest BeetleCam model. It will be exciting to see what he captures with that.