Daimler's Future Truck 2025 Project is Testing Autonomous Trucks

 - Jul 7, 2014
References: media.daimler & gizmag
'Future Truck 2025' is a project by Daimler Trucks, which is looking to make autonomous trucks a reality. The company tested its autonomous trucks on a section of the A14 autobahn near Magdeburg in Germany. The vehicle navigated through completely realistic driving situations.

The Daimler truck is equipped with technology that allows it to communicate with other vehicles and road infrastructure. It uses cameras and radar to assess traffic situations and make good driving decisions; it is essentially based on self-driving car technology but hopes to apply said technology to more heavyweight transportation sectors.

The central component of the Future Truck 2025 project is Daimler's unique Highway Pilot system, an autonomous driving system designed for large production vehicles. This technology allows the trucks to operate completely independently on public roads at speeds up to 85 km/h.