This Bionic Hand Restores the Feeling of Touch to Amputees

 - Feb 10, 2014
References: theverge & psfk
This bionic hand may restore a sense of normalcy to a difficult situation. Losing a limb can be one of the toughest experiences a person can have, but a Swiss research team is trying to make rehabbing an easier experience.

Tragedy can strike at any time without warning. While losing a limb is a horrible experience there can be a silver lining with this new bionic hand. Bionic appendages help to make things more normal for the wearer. While a regular prosthetic hand can be useful for lifting and carrying things, it doesn’t return the feeling of touch to the user.

In order to use the prosthetic hand, the user must have electrodes implanted in their arm. After the electrodes are implanted, the bionic arm is attached and interacts with the electrodes to restore partial feeling to the arm.