The Robohandle Gives Users More Strength and Control

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: robohandle & facebook
The Robohandle is going to make heavy lifting a little less heavy. The Robohandle isolates the hand and wrist from the torque that comes with other straight handle add-ons. For those who need a little extra help with their lifting, the Robohandle will do the trick.

There are other products that attach to tools and other handles to make lifting easier, but often they don't live up to expectation. Because of the straight handle, it can bend the hand and arm causing pain. The Robohandle comes with a different ergonomic structure that uses the biceps and triceps rather than the more fragile wrist.

The handle makes 500 to 600% more torque, making lifting and moving objects quick, easy and pain-free.