The Cyclodrone by Frog Design Alerts Riders to Upcoming Dangers

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: frogdesign & fastcoexist
Some of the worst accidents involve cyclists and the Cyclodrone by Frog Design, a global product strategy and design firm, hopes to change that. It essentially is a flying robot that acts as a safety companion on rides. Whether cycling on the road or on a designated bike path, it ensures that cyclists are aware of upcoming dangers and drivers' are notified that there is a bike nearby.

Cyclodrone by Frog Design is one of many drone designs coming out of this firm. Cormac Eubanks, who developed the Cyclodrone, observes, "Drones are taking a beating in the press, being characterized as spies and assassins. At frog, we are more fascinated by the design potential at the leading edge of technology. We believe now is the time to explore how drones could be a force for good."