The Mountain Rescue Splint Pack is Made for Remote Victim Recoveries

 - Jul 24, 2012
References: tuvie
The potential injury of rescuers would be greatly reduced and the chance of survival of victims would be vastly improved should a concept like the Mountain Rescue Splint Pack be realized. This intelligent design by Liao Yu-Kai and Kao Cheng-Wei has been carefully created for difficult missions and in preparation for the types of wounds obtained in extreme conditions.

The First Aid backpack comprises a storage compartment for a variety of specialized tools, be them for hiking, rock climbing or whatever would suit the journey to the incident. Integral, however, are the stretcher, the spinal board and the bandage collar. Depending on the type of afflictions acquired and the challenge of the terrain, the paramedic may choose to remove some items from the Mountain Rescue Splint Pack to make it lighter or to prioritize for specific equipment.